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Group Training at PhysioFit

PhysioFit offers a unique program in a group setting where participating members can benefit from the guidance of the best trainers in Dallas. The classes cover strength, conditioning, stretching, and corrective exercise in a full gym setting, ensuring that the workout will accommodate all fitness levels (beginner to advanced, men and women).  This is not to be confused with a group fitness class (BodyPump, Zumba, etc.), as it is designed to teach you how to train and utilize the entire gym (machines, free weights, bodyweight, kettlebells, etc.)


Our group classes are every day, Monday through Friday. Classes are at 6 am, 10 am, 4:30 Monday/Wed, and 4:00 Tuesday/Thursday.  Classes are fun and challenging with a different focus from class to class. The cost for group classes is $199 for unlimited classes on an automatic draft.  We encourage you to visit our facility and feel the energy we have here. It’s a special place for all of us here and we would enjoy meeting you. 

The instructor ratio will be low, making sure that each member receives the individual attention they require.  The classes are offered 5 days per week and are 30 minutes long.  Each workout is different every day and updated on a regular basis. There are several class times offered per day for your convenience.  The group training schedule can be viewed on the weekly calendar under our Current Events tab located above.

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