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Being well rounded is very important in health. My goal is to help you improve in all aspects of fitness (physical, mental, and spiritual)

Education: Stephen F Austin BS Kinesiology, Ortho-Kinetics, NASM CPT, CPR.

Training has always been part of my life. I started doing this at eight years old and from that time I knew what I want to be in life. I started working at the YMCA, then to the YWCA, Fitness Connection, and previously the Telos Fitness Center. I have trained all kinds of people through disability, weight loss, and working on their cardiovascular, muscular, and skeletal health. I created “Walk-On Health and Fitness” to help everyone achieve their goals in fitness, wellness, and whatever they want to achieve in life. I put my clients on a routine that develops strength and endurance and stamina as you age. I help your body look amazing inside and out, with all of my clients seeing results from my programs. I love helping people and getting them motivated to succeed in anything they put their minds too. This is my greatest gift and it has made me the man I am.

Specialties: Sports Performance (Endurance, Strength, Flexibility)/ TRX/ Weight Loss/ Ortho-Kinetics

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