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I believe that physical activity allows man to express who he really is. Therefore, my goal is to help people to reach their full potential and achieve their goals such as restore health, improve body image, improve athletic skills, regain life-work balance, or manage stress levels. Whatever it is, I will find the right program to meet your needs and help you become the person you wish to become.


University of North Texas MS sports’ management, University of North Texas BS Kinesiology and social science, NASM personal trainer,  

Spencer Pilates instructor, Youth exercise specialist, USA Track and Field coach level I, Boot camp head trainer, Life Coach


Shay has a long history in the track and field and the competitive sport world. Besides being an Olympic athlete herself, she is working with youth athletes to help them improve their athletic skills and teaching them how to deal with the mental stress and the many mental barriers that many competitive athletes face with.

Outside of the athletic world, Shay love teaching boot camp and HIIT classes, and she is an amazing Pilates instructor! Her workouts are designed personally to each client with the goal of bringing the clients back to a healthy shape and active lifestyle, and having a lot of fun in the process!


Injury prevention/ athletic conditioning/ youth exercise development/ Pilates and core strengthening

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