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Corporate Coaching

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PhysioFit offers a comprehensive corporate coaching and wellness program where participating companies can benefit from the guidance of the best training  staff in Dallas.  It has become overwhelmingly apparent over the last decade that keeping employees healthy translates into intangible and measurable value.  Less sick days, increased productivity, and boosted morale are a few of the various benefits that our corporations have experienced as a result of our program.

Typically, a full program begins with 3-4 on-site seminars which cover pertinent health topics tailored to each company's interest.  These seminars contain vital information that can start improving employee wellness immediately.  From there, a schedule of on or off site exercise sessions will run on a weekly schedule.  These classes cover strength, conditioning, stretching, and corrective exercise in a full gym setting, ensuring that the workout will accommodate all fitness levels (beginner to advanced, men and women).  Depending on each company's needs, individualized online health coaching can also be arranged.  

Please contact Lou McIlhenney at 214-649-9612 or through e-mail at for more information.

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