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“I have worked out all of my adult life and my choice of gyms and my choice of trainers have been of extremely high priority. For me a gym has to have top-notch equipment, a friendly and encouraging environment, and a staff that knows what they are doing. PhysioFit is exactly this sort of gym. The trainers are knowledgeable and even if you don’t train with them personally, at PhysioFit, the philosophy is clear that all the clients are welcome to seek advice and help from any of the trainers. They have enthusiastically helped me with diet, weight training, running tips, health supplement tips, etc. The equipment is excellent, greatly varied, and well maintained. My favorite addition is the running track which I now use for interval training; it is utterly exhausting but wow! –super results are in store fro those who incorporate the cardio-track into their workouts.”



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