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Fall as a season is aptly named since leaves will fall from the trees,

temperatures will fall to lower levels, and people will inevitably

fall out of their fitness and health routines. But does it really have

to be that way? Have we bought into the seasonal marketing

cycle so much that we literally fall off our collective bikes into a

never ending buffet of holiday excess? What if we fell even

further into a healthy lifestyle so the feasts become a great

memory rather than a dreaded regret when the ball drops at the

end of the year? What if that extra food just fueled harder

workouts so you can kick it up a gear instead of padding your

rear? White out that usual winter of discontent and imagine a

winter wonderland of unlimited possibilities.

I know that everything and everyone will be overloading your

schedule and all the sweet treats will be overloading your plate.

We all get the same stresses and pressure to partake (yes, even in

the gym) or potentially feel left out or worst, suffer the wrath of

guilt from those making all the event and culinary offers.

Sometimes the most instantly satisfying thing to do is grab that

soft, warm, melted icing covered 5lb cinnamon roll being shoved

in your face and devouring it like a hungry lion. Waking up 30

minutes later from your sugar induced food coma with a bulging

belly, icing glazed face, and bloodshot eyes however makes it

somewhat less satisfying. All the expectations to attend every

event and try everyone’s special homemade family recipes can

lead to great amounts of anxiety that we often times take a bite

(or three or four) out of rather than running over in a brand new

pair of properly fitted running shoes and data tracking wrist band.

Establishing priorities and living through dedicated scheduling

make it much easier to navigate the treacherous waters of the fall

holiday season. Eat healthy meals before going to the parties so

the temptation to over indulge is diminished. Schedule your

toughest workouts the day after an event that you plan to indulge

during because the food and festivities are just that good. Don’t

beat yourself up for that extra piece of pie, take it out on the

exercise equipment and fall face first into your fitness routine.

-Clint Fuqua, Fitness Trainer/ Health Coach/ Speaker/ Author

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