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“I lost 40lbs, 4 inches off my waistline and improved my on field performance to levels I hadn’t seen since my thirties. How did I do it...Ask Lou! After shoulder, hand and knee surgery I had pretty much neglected my physical health. As an active athlete in my youth – baseball, wrestling, football and soccer - I was once a lean mean fighting machine. Even after college I continued to play soccer and baseball staying in just good enough shape to compete. However, after my second knee and shoulder injury and subsequent surgery I figured I was done. But at 50, I still had the urge to compete so I decided to try to get back to the “old” me. Over all those years I had come to learn many of injuries were most likely caused by being overweight and my declining in muscle mass and flexibility. If I was to be worth a damn over-50, I would have to do something fast. Of course my doctors had the same non-specific "diet and exercise" advice I ignored over and over. God forbid I’d sign up for Biggest Loser but I was quickly becoming one...a big fat loser that is. So, I told my wife Michele I wanted to get a jump start so I could play more sports and started looking into Boot Camps. I had a few friends claim these were helpful. She kept it in her mind and when she was out running errands one day she went by Physiofit (The Gym) at Midway and Trinity Mills to see if they had a "camp". That's where she met Lou McIlheney. Lou talked with her about his style of training and suggested we meet. When I met Lou he said he was not a fan of boot camps as a method for getting back active. In fact, as a former baseball player himself and knowing my type of injuries, he said a boot camp was probably the worst thing I could do. He recommended a process coupling flexibility, strength and symmetric exercise along with good eating habits I would get the results I wanted, but I had to surrender myself - ok and some of my money - and he promised he could get me the results...or like the electric shaver guy says "or my money back" :=) I was skeptical. I had never tried personal training as it always seemed to be about size and not shape and power and not performance. Lou agreed. He shared those old training methods still persist but that was not his way. At least that we had Baseball in common, so I thought, what can I lose? I started twice a week and eased into the workout. Within a month I felt stronger and my baseball hitting power and confidence quickly improved but there was little change in my weight, mostly because I was still eating crap. Along with strength my stamina increased and I was able to play complete soccer games without a sub. Then a setback: while playing soccer, two days before the big baseball tourney I was preparing for, another knee injury!!! Same knee, meniscus. I was devastated. I wanted to quit. Lou wanted a challenge. So…I had the surgery and then two weeks later I was back at it. Along the way, I had finally hit a groove with my diet. After adding my own aerobic work, Lou convinced me to try a 3 day plan (a better per visit deal) and that’s when everything changed. I passed 250, 240, 230, 220lbs!! 40 in., 38 in., 36 in waist! I hadn't weighed less that 215 since college and here I was 50 years old, 213 lbs and now my cholesterol was 180 and my BP 120/75 with a 58 resting pulse. People at work we amazed. Friends thought I was sick or had some crazy surgery! I really can’t believe that was almost 4 years ago. I have kept off the weight and I am stronger. What is crazier is I have more mobility with my shoulder. My doctor told me to play 1st base and avoid long throws. I am playing 2ndbase and outfield too and during the summer I pitched! I am sticking with Lou! One final note, I went to the Cooper Clinic for the whole 9 yards: scan this, poke that, body fat, treadmill, and you won’t be surprised. Everything rocked. I added minutes on my treadmill, improved my good cholesterol, reduced my body fat and my doctor was beyond pleased with my overall health considering she was ready to put me on medicine and send me to a fat farm! Who knows, maybe Lou can help you!”


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